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"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life." ~John 3:16
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Vijiyawada, India
I met a man who became a Christian and because he had left his ancestral religion of animism, he lost all his belongings, had his livestock confiscated, and his house burned to the ground. What a price to pay, it cost him everything to follow Jesus! With nothing left, he took to the road as a traveling evangelist. Now, each time he enters a home, he shares the Gospel with those who live there.
During one of the outreaches in this region, I saw a woman with tears running down her face. She cried out, "I didn't know that God loved me so much He died for me!"
Malabar, India
Evangelist Nireekshan Kumar led a team of young people from the local Bible school on a six week Summer Gospel Invasion. They went to 102 villages in eight districts distributing 12,000 tracts and showing the Jesus Film in 31 places. Thousands of people have seen and heard the gospel through the Jesus Film and 94 people have responded with decisions for Jesus.
Tuxpan, Mexico
Dominican Republic
It was a hot, humid summer night. Most people were sitting outside their homes conversing casually with their neighbors while the children played baseball in the street. Mario was out that night as well, driven by a burning anger. Earlier that day his wife had left him with a 10 month old baby to go live with her lover. The lover was Mario's closest friend. The betrayal was too much to bear. He felt driven by rage to kill his dearest friend.
On his way to commit this murder, Mario saw a big white screen being set up in the middle of the street. He decided to stop and check out what was going on before he continued. He watched a portion of the Jesus Film. A worker struck up a conversation with him and began to share the love of Jesus with this young Dominican who had been betrayed by worldly love. Mario was moved to tears and wanted to be free from the anger that welled up inside him. He knew there was freedom in the message of the Jesus Film. That hot summer evening, Mario found freedom. Jesus changed his heart and took away his anger. Mario now has a new life in Jesus.
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